Flexydata computer, file, and multi media storage solutions


Multimedia Storage Cabinets with unique bi-parting tambour door and integral lock – plus optional security bar. This multimedia cabinet forms the platform for our wide range of storage components to securely store everything from tape cartridges, CD's, PDA to projectors. Configure a cabinet to suit your media storage requirements and we will deliver to your office ready assembled. Multimedia Components fit into the Storage Cabinet. Mix and match these components to meet your exact requirements. Components include: storage for all types of multimedia, security lockers for your computer notebook, PDA's and electronic devices, roll-out and plain file shelving, filing drawers, mail sorter inserts and more. Computer Cabinets house PCs, monitors, printers, pda and other electronic equipment. Wall-mount or on heavy-duty castors. Storage cabinet available with internal power source and fan ventilation. These Computer Security Cabinets are supplied with unique all-steel tambour door with integral lock and optional locking bar for extra computer security.
Case for transporting multi media
Multimedia Storage Racks available in 2 floor-standing sizes, plus wall-mounted rack version. Adjustable in small increments to fit all media types. Store DLT, LTO, 3480/3490, Optical 5.25”, VHS, Film, DVD, CD's etc. Flexible post and shelf system permits double or single sided multimedia storage. Racks extended sideways using shared posts. Multimedia Cart and Transport Cases. The solution for transporting media and cartridges both within the office and between buildings. Flexible cart storage and transportation for DLT, LTO, 3480/3490, Optical 5.25”, CD/DVD, VHS, Film etc. Transport cases with media packs and foam lining for damage-free transportation. Secure Notebook Cabinet to securely store and charge up notebooks at the same time, all in one elegant solution. This storage cabinet will fit into the smartest office environments. This secure notebook cabinet eliminates trailing wires and plug sockets. Each secure drawer contains an individual plug socket for charging notebook computers.
Secure Notebook Locker for mounting on workstations or desks. Comes with Abloy security 3-point locking mechanism with secure replacement key policy. This locker provides security for notebooks, and with a charging network connection via large access holes at rear of the locker notebooks can be charged easily. Mounts vertically or horizontally and has internal divider shelf. Easy File Open System uses end tab folders to enable colour-coded type filing. Expanding and adaptable rack filing system to incrementally accommodate expanding file storage requirements. Use with removable file boxes or supports. This rack shelving system can grow and adapt for your file storage needs. Easy File Cabinets work with end tab folders and enable colour-coded filing for easy use and minimal misfiles. These locking file cabinets are finished to a very high standard. End tab folders can either be housed in removable boxes or file supports. This file cabinet storage system allows easy portability of documents and provides excellent protection for all your important files.
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