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Easy File Cabinet

When quality storage is the priority the Easy File cabinets are the first choice. Each door glides along the extruded aluminium rails built into each level.
This file storage system works with the increasingly popular colour-coded end tab folders as used by government departments and larger organisations where mis-files are a regular problem.
Cabinet storage of A4 or US letter and legal using 100mm and 125mm file boxes which enable easy portability with excellent protection of files. Available in 4,5,6 & 7 level units for end tab filing and 5 level “XL” units for storage of files and 3-ring binders.

  • Superb quality and finish, 1000s of cabinets in use across  the UK, USA and Canada
  • System can grow with filing requirements and storage space
  • File box system allows easy portability of documents and provides excellent protection
  • Compatible for use with colour coded end tab folders
  • All file storage cabinets have integral locking mechanism
Easy file storage cabinets

053-00540 4 Level Cabinet (A4/US letter/US legal) 1315mm H x 915mm W x 440mm D
053-00550 5 Level Cabinet (A4 /US letter/US legal) 1610mm H x 915mm W x 440mm D
053-00560 6 Level Cabinet (A4/US letter/US legal) 1985mm H x 915mm W x 440mm D
053-00570 7 Level Cabinet (A4/US letter/US legal) 2200mm H x 915mm W x 440mm D
053-00650 5 Level XL Cabinet (Binder storage/filing) 1985mm H x 915mm W x 440mm D

NOTE: When ordering above for A4 or US LETTER SIZE filing,
an adapter must be ordered for each level Part no. 053-00582.

File cabinet
File Box & Supports
100mm & 125mm File Boxes can be used to file in the storage cabinets if portability is required. Supports are an excellent alternative to file boxes and keep folders neat and organised.
File storage box
100mm File Boxes
053-10078 A4/US letter size

100mm US legal size

125mm File Boxes
125mm A4/US Letter size