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Laptop Storage Cabinet

This high security range of modern Notebook Storage Cabinets has the option of internal power sockets to charge up to 18 notebooks while they are secure in storage. Also cabinets can be pre-wired with RJ45, Cat 5 or Cat 6 Cabling so they can be connected to your network while charging.

All cabinets are fitted with our unique bi-parting all-steel locking protected tambour door with integral Abloy lock and locking bar for optional padlock.

It comes complete with internal wiring to provide a plug socket for each laptop or notebook's batteries.

Storage can be provided in either:

Double width cabinet

Stores and charges up to 18 laptops in individually locking Secure Laptop Drawers - each with an individual plug socket or up to 28 computers on Open Drawers (each fitted with 2 power sockets).

Double width cabinet


Double width open laptop drawer image
Single width secure locking laptop drawer
Double Width Open Laptop Drawer
Single Width Secure Locking Laptop Drawer

Securely store and charge up to 18 notebook computers in any office location.

Single Width Cabinet

Stores and charges up to 9 laptops in individual locking laptop drawers - each machine with an individual plug socket or up to 14 computers on Open Drawers.

Single width cabinet image
Single width open laptop drawer
Single width secure laptop drawer
Single Width Open Laptop Drawer
Single Width Secure Laptop Drawer

All our laptop cabinets are;

  • Made to last from heavy gauge steel - all metal parts guaranteed for 15 years
  • Many thousands in use across the UK, US and Canada
  • Effortlessly smooth and positive tambour door movement
  • Key or digital locks - master keyed systems available
  • Mobile and versatile, professional design, reliable charger facility

Each cabinet only requires a 13 Amp socket as a power source. Available with British BS 1363 and Euro plug CEE 7/16 sockets (plese ask about other types).

Even More Options

A wide choice of other internal components are available which can be interchanged and combined with the Laptop Drawers. The Notebook Cabinet can be configured to include and store everything from tapes and other multimedia, desk documents and paper filing, through to lockers for projectors and other valuable equipment.

For example, from this range of multimedia furniture we can charge 16 notebook computers, plus a storage bin drawer for carry cases - or alternatively securely store 14 notebooks, plus supply a set of 3 lockers for projectors and a bin drawer. Contact us for information on your required combination.

The highest quality multimedia furniture of its type on the market

The quality and durability of our notebook cabinets mean we can offer business customers a 15-year guarantee on the steel fabricated elements - plus the internal door cable system is guaranteed not to break or fail during the product's life.

The tough paint is baked on to shrug off knocks and the textured finish doesn't show fingerprints or greasy marks ensuring it looks superb throughout its life.

Unique bi-parting Tambour Door

Unique bi-parting roller shutter door meets centrally for easy operation. Both top and bottom segments operate simultaneously so the whole door is opened and closed by sliding just the top or the bottom section. This means the multimedia or notebook cabinet door is effortlessly operated from either a standing or seated position. Plus, there's no need to reach to the floor to operate the door lock - as with conventional tambour doors.

Optional Security Locking Bar (see photo above) enables a padlock to be used to supplement the standard integral lock - further improving security where required to protect valuable computer equipment and confidential data.

Networking Cabinets

Laptop cabinets can be made network ready with RJ45, CAT5 or CAT6 cabling. Cable raceways keep cables neatly running in the rear of the cabinet. We can fit your new cabinet with cabling and a special roll-out switch or hub shelf ready to connect up to your network in moments.

cable raceway in rear of cabinet image

Cable Raceway in rear of cabinet

Roll out shelf image

Special Roll-out shelf for location of switch or Hub (shown with front cover removed)