Flexydata computer, file, and multi media storage solutions


Multimedia Components

Multimedia Roll-out Shelf
Part No. 050-00706
Drawers are supplied with 8 front to back dividers and 9 compressor/flip dividers. The star slot system, enables you to configure the drawer’s internal layout to your exact requirements. Divide the drawer to store a single multimedia type or a mixture or types by quick and easy adjustment of the dividers. Drawers glide on heavy duty, ball-bearing race suspension arms. For other media capacities not listed below please contact us
Capacity per drawer using one type of media:
 Multimedia Capacity Space req'd per drawer
DLT/SDLT 78 127mm
LTO 93 127mm
4MM/DDS 225 77mm
8MM 126 89mm
3480/3490 99 140mm
CD/DVD (jewel case) 195 153mm
CD/DVD (slim case) 390 153mm
VHS 52 140mm
16mm Microfilm 99 115mm
35mm Microfilm 60 115mm
Roll out shelf for storage of multi media

Plain Roll-out Shelf
Part No. 050-00702
Space requirement: various
A simple and strong roll-out shelf for general storage of items such as trays, media boxes, parts, even notebooks and projectors. With a 56 kg capacity the shelf is strong enough to deal with most multimedia storage requirements.
CD/DVD Roll-out Shelf (in jewel case)
Part No. 050-007255
Space requirement: 153mm
138 CDs or DVDs sit in their own slot on a slight angle to allow for finger ‘flip-filing’. The CD/DVD insert is removable and the storage shelf glides on heavy duty ball bearing race suspension arms.
Plain roll out shelf for storing multi media

Filing Bin Drawer
Part No. 050-00704
Space requirement: 280mm
(826mm W x 410mm D x 241mm H)
Bin drawer for loose bulky items such as notebook carry cases. It also designed for hanging folders. The floating file bars will fit across the full width or use in 2 rows side-by-side front to back. File bars are included.
Drawer for storing file folders or notebooks

Plain Shelf
Part No. 050-00701
The plain shelf enables simple storage of ring binders, end tab file folders or general equipment and office items. Also available with a back plate and 5 divider set (Part No 050-00713) to provide further file storage options. Dividers are adjustable in 12mm increments.
Note: Heavy Duty Shelf also available (050-00707)

Back Plate & (5) Divider set
Part No. 050-00713
Space requirement:
3-Ring Binders 343mm
End Tab Ltr/Lgl 280mm

Multi media storage shelf

Roll-out Filing Frame
Part No. 050-00780
Space requirement: 280mm
Filing is made easy with this full suspension frame. Supplied with horizontal file bar.
Roll-out Reference Shelf
Part No. 050-00726
Space requirement: 64mm
A reference shelf is ideal for heavily used file cabinets. Whatever you are retrieving, the shelf is a convenient place to hold files, cartridges etc – as well as a perfect work surface to write on.
Roll out shelf to hold files

Mail Sorter Insert
Part No. 050-09065
Space requirement: 343mm
The Mail Sorter enables you to divide and sort mail, documents and other stationary into 9 slots. Each sorter has 6 adjustable shelves that can be positioned in 12mm increments. Each 3 compartment measures 263mm W x 287mm H x 403mm D.

The sorter is supplied with label holders

Shelf to sort mail and other documents

Media Bars
Part No. 050-03480
Space requirement: 356mm first row, 330mm additional rows
These Media Bars support specially manufactured, removable Pacs (see below) for storage of 3480/3490, DLT and LTO. Quick and easy retrieval enables an operator to open the storage cabinet and remove either a single cartridge or a whole Pac of cartridges. Maximum capacity on each level is 5 Pacs (3 rear/2 front). The front Pacs slide to either side for access to the rear Pacs.

The Media bars and Pacs are supplied individually.

Media Pacs
DLT / LTO Media Pacs (16 Capacity)
Part No. 138-35225

3480/3490 Media (20 Capacity)
Part No. 134-00905


Multi media storage bars

Notebook Locker - Secure 3-Compartment
Part No. 050-00740
Space requirement: 127mm
Each storage compartment securely stores 3 notebooks. The photo shows four 3-compartment units stacked together giving a total of 12 individual compartments. Each individual notebook storage locker comes complete with its own unique lock and keys and there is a label holder on the door front. These lockers are also perfect for storing other electronic equipment such as projectors, digital cameras, PDA's and laser-measuring devices etc.

Each individual compartment internal size is: 260mm W x 323mm D x 90mm H.

Powered Locker Version
We also supply the Secure 3-compartment locker with internal power (e.g. via a 13 Amp plug socket). This enables and charging of electronic equipment such as Notebook, PDA and Handheld computers, plus ancillary items such as printers during storage. It is also possible to provide lockers with wiring so that connection to the network is possible during storage.

The PDA or other electronic item can be securely stored and charged up when the operator is not on shift so it is safe and ready to use at the beginning of each working shift.

Contact us with your specific requirements

Notebook storage locker

Charging locker for notebooks PDA's

Heavy Duty Locker 3-Compartment
Part No. 050-90031
Space requirement: 127mm
3-Compartment insert is heavily reinforced. It is designed for storage of high value or sensitive items to prevent theft or tampering. The heavy plate steel Doors with 3-point locking mechanism offers a high level of security. All locker compartments are keyed different with a uniquely keyed Abloy high security lock. There is also a secure procedure for issue of replacement keys.
Heavy duty multi media storage locker

Notebook Security Insert
Part No. 050-00748
Space requirement: 153mm
This high security storage drawer holds 2 notebooks in separate compartments and there is space for transformer and wire etc. Each compartment has individual lock & keys. Interior storage space for each chamber: 393mm W x 355mm D x 100mm H

This unit is also available with internal power. For more details visit this page notebook charging locker

High security notebook storage locker

Library Shelf c/w Plain Shelf
Part No. 050-00727
Space requirement: 318mm
This unique option enables display of catalogues, literature and flyers etc. When the library storage shelf is lifted access is gained to stored printed materials from the shelf behind. The library storage shelf is installed on a 30-degree angle to display materials neatly.
Library storage shelf

Security Locking Bars
Part No. 050-00729
The Security Locking Bars enable a padlock to be added for additional security of the Multimedia Cabinets. This is particularly useful for overnight storage: for use during the day, the integral lock in the door can be used. Overnight with the padlock added, a second key is required to access the multimedia cabinet which can be held exclusively by a Manager, for example. This prevents tampering or theft of any sensitive items.

Finish is matched to the cabinet. (Padlock not included)
Note: Locking Bars reduce useable storage space by 26mm

Locking bars for multi media cabinets

Castor Base
Part No. 050-00714
The Multimedia Cabinet can have a Castor Base added at any time. The cabinet’s height is increased to 127mm overall. The castors are heavy-duty version - 2 fixed (with locks) and 2 swivelling. Maximum multimedia cabinet height for use of castor base is 1625mm
Multi media cabinet castor base