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Home - Discover a comprehensive range of office systems that include multimedia storage racks, carts and transport cases, components for multimedia cabinet expansion, open shelves and easy file cabinets, and solutions for computer and notebook security.

Multimedia storage cabinets - A range of sizes and additional components mean you can find a cabinet for the secure storage of multimedia that will exactly suit your office requirements.

Cabinet sizes - Details of dimensions and finishes that are available in all our multimedia storage cabinets so you can make an informed choice that can be enhanced by the addition of appropriate components.

Cabinet components - A selection of shelves, filing frames, mail sorters and locking compartments are just a few of the additional components available to customise a cabinet to provide maximum security for your computer notebooks and other types of multimedia.

Computer cabinets - A mobile and ready to use solution that offers different features and security options for a computer storage cabinet that  doubles up as the ultimate PC workstation.

LTO & DLT tape storage racks - Look no further than Flexydata for space saving, modular tape storage racks for LTO, DLT, 3480 and 3490 tapes.

Multimedia storage racks - Wall-mounted, single and double sided racks for multimedia storage provide a convenient system of storing CD's, DVD's, VHS and film in a durable steel constructed storage rack.

Multimedia carts and cases - For a convenient and fully mobile system of storage for multimedia carts and transport cases provide a solution that will accommodate variable quantities of CD's, DVD's and VHS film.

Laptop Storage Cabinet - When looking for a system of storage for your notebook computers, we can provide totally secure notebook cabinets that have internal wiring so you can recharge up to 18 notebooks while being stored in individually locking drawers.

Lockable Computer Cabinets - Our mini-cabinets are designed to protect both CPU computers and tower servers from theft.

Notebook Locker - You can now be confident to leave your notebook computer at your workstation with these totally secure notebook lockers that can be easily mounted to the top or underside of virtually any workstation.

Wall Mounted tape storage racks - Secure and efficient wall mounted tape storage racks to store LTO Ultrium, DLT, 3590 and 3480.

Easy file open systems - For a convenient and efficient solution to your file storage problems, our easy open filing system is available in single and double sided units with box files that adapt to provide storage for any filing capacity.

Easy file cabinets - A file box system allows for ease of portability and filing capacity expansion as well complete security when you choose from our range of file storage cabinets.

Contact us - Details of how to contact FlexyData about any of the multimedia and file storage products advertised on this site.

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